Simple Drawing ProgramDraw pixel art wich html/css only

Select a drawing canvas :


How it work ?
The grid is constituted by X cells. Each cell are a stack of 6 colored pixel (Black, White, Red, Green, Blue + Border). This pixel is a label linked to a unique checkbox. If the checkbox of a cell is checked, the cell apear.

Why select a color can auto change color of some pixel ?
Because of non using programming language, i can't check what color is last active, or i can't replace the existing color. This is a stacking problem. On non 'mixing color', a selected color take a z-index+1 but if more of 1 color is selected the z-index is equal so, the html priority is applie.

Why a 'Mixing color' option ?
We can use the 'stacking problem' for mixing color and use more than 5 'color'. This is not perfect, but it's working.

Use js canva is more efficient and don't have all this limitation. Why did you make this dumb project ?
This is a research project, a concept, this is not for a real and practical usage.

Simple projet from source code on

Under MIT License